How to make money on the Internet and what\'s in common between the affiliate program from StrikeMall and MLM.

  How to make money on the Internet and what's in common between the affiliate program from StrikeMall and MLM.


       In this post I will try to explain as clearly as possible and without excess of “water”, how much and in what ways you can earn on the Internet.

       In advance I warn you that in this list you will not see unreliable, seasonal types of earnings, as well as in this list are no earnings on crypto currencies, mining, etc. Here you will see only reliable, profitable and proven ways of earning on the Internet.


            1. Earnings in affiliate programs. One of the most efficient and profitable (Thanks to the Affiliate Program from, way of earning on the Internet, the earnings on Partner Programs.


This type of earnings was and is, the most common, stable and already profitable type of earning, you can earn offering goods which you do not even have and in case of sale you get a part of money from the cost of goods (on average from 4% to 8%). But today launched an unique Affiliate Program with the most profitable system, which has no analogues in this niche.


Thanks to the Affiliate Program from, you can earn really Big money because:

 • Now, in order to earn % from sales, it is enough for you to interest and register by your link a potential Customer and then you will receive 10% of each purchase of the Customers registered by you, FOREVER! It does not matter when this Customers makes a purchase, at the same moment, you will get 10% from the amount that Clients spent.

• Also, if you are more a businessman than a salesman, then especially for you, a second level of the partner program was created! The Affiliate Program of is a 2-level reward system of partners. You will receive 10% from the earnings of the Partners, whom you invited, FOREVER! That is, if you invited a Partner and he in turn registered Customers, then you get 10% of the amount earned by your Partners.

• Hurry to report you, the “BOOM” news ! The number of Partners, which is at the 1st level and the 2nd is UNLIMITED!



  1) The ability to quickly start making big money, and in, this earnings can be considered passive.

  2) No investment is required, participation in the Affiliate Program from is absolutely FREE!

  3) You do not need any special skills, but to earn more and faster, you will need basic knowledge of the economy, foreign languages ​​...

  4) Stable and reliable type of earnings with regular payments.


2. Earnings from trading on financial markets. Today, there are millions of sites that position themselves as trading on financial markets, but in fact there are very few, realy good earnings sites on trading, one of them is Forex.


This type of earnings is very popular among people with economic education. In order to really earn you need to monitor several sectors of the economy, news, political games of different countries, etc. Do not forget that you can not earn money here without investments, you will need investments and most often, the profit does not exceed 50% of investments. So this type of earnings, though, opens huge opportunities for earning, but also it has very high risks, which entail the loss of all your investments.



   1) The ability to quickly earn really big money (with condition of big investments).



  1) On the most good exchanges markets, such as Forex, is a fairly large entry threshold, from about $ 300.

  2) In order to earn real money, you will need to follow the world information, politics, economy very well ... And you should be well versed in all these areas.

  3) High chances to burn out and lose your investments, this kind of earnings is not suitable for everyone, here you will need such qualities as: patience, cold calculation, a balanced solutions...


3. Earnings based on your skills, freelancing. There are many sites on which you can earn, carrying out certain tasks of customers, these works can start from reposting in your page, writing blogs, posts, and ending with programming.



   1) You can earn a lot of money with good skills, and skills can be in drawing, programming, in talent, or you are good in writing selling texts ...

  2) Depending on the site on which you want to work, I advise you to google a top and work only in trusted structures, very pleasant and convenient terms of cooperation between the executor and the customer, you can be sure that if you have done the work properly, you will be 100% paid.



  1) To really earn "big" money, you must have really high skills and can perform laborious work in the shortest possible time.

  2) On most freelance sites, there is a trust system that defines and advises freelancers with experience first, and then beginners.

       Therefore, get ready to work hard ~ half a year, for less money, to get some reputation.

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