How to grow marijuana at home and what is needed for this? 19+

How to grow marijuana at home and what is needed for this?

          As well as growing and caring for marijuana can be compared to creativity, which requires attention and good attitude to plants.

 In this post, the StrikeMall team, took you for the following topics:

  • How to plant a seed of marijuana.
  • How to grow a full-fledged plant.
  • What you need to grow marijuana at home.

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1. How to plant a seed of marijuana.

          To begin with, prepare the seeds, carefully laying them on a slightly damp sponge, or wet wadded disks, covering them with a moist cotton swab or a sponge on top. Then pour a little water and cover it all in a bag so that moisture does not evaporate.


         After 1 - 2 days the grains are cracked and white shoots appear. After that, each seed of cannabis, we plant the shoot down into the pots for seedlings, each seed in a separate pot, after which sprinkle 1-2 cm of loose ground from above.

         We water the plant 2-3 times a week until 2-3 leaves of the plant appear, after which it must be gently, without damaging the roots, transplanted into a more voluminous pot.


* The land is better to buy in the store, ask for a looser soil with a lower acidity, usually in the composition of such land includes: peat, coconut or moss.

          So, half way is already behind, it's time to create a beautiful and rich bush of marijuana. In order to grow a healthy and rich bush, you will need to create a Grow Box with powerful lighting, which at least half, can replace the sun.

* When choosing lighting in our store, you are guided by the number of plants.

   And so, as the plant grows, we remove the lamps from the hemp plants, for 30 cm.

 2. How to grow a full-fledged plant.

          It is very important at this stage to create a strict schedule, according to which your plant 12 hours a day will be in total darkness and the remaining 12 hours with the lamps on, it is very important that this mode is the same always! That is, if you decide to turn on the lamp at 8 am, then every day, for the entire period of cultivation, you must turn on the lamps at 8 am and turn off at 8 pm, respectively. Otherwise your plants get stressed, which will ultimately affect the result negatively.


         Air and smells. Keep in mind that in most cases plants emit fairly strong odors, so make sure that the room is well ventilated, and make sure that in the room where you grow, is enough oxygen. Ideally, put a fan that will update the air in the room where you grow cannabis, which will promote a faster and more proper growth of the plant.

          Add fertilizer is needed once a week, the rest of the time clean water will be enough. Ideal are natural fertilizers. But if you do not have the opportunity to get them then liquid fertilizers based on nitrogen will be good for replacement.

          The temperature climate. Most plants like a fairly warm climate, you need to withstand temperatures of 18 to 27 degrees Celsius, ideally in the middle. * Specify the growing temperature of each variety of marijuana separately. 

3. What you need to grow marijuana at home.

 And so, we undercut. In order to grow a large and rich hemp bush in the home, you will need:

1. Select seeds that will grow in a convenient temperature range for you.               

2. Prepare 2 types of different pots 1 smaller and a second larger one.

3. Prepare the land and fertilizer.

4. Create a grow box with good lighting.

5. Take care of ventilation and odors.

6. Form a strict regime with an interval of 12 hours and observe it throughout the entire cultivation.

7. Water the plant 2 times a week with clean water.

8. Feed once a week with fertilizers.


And in the end it remains only to enjoy the result. ;)

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