4 things that will help You faster "Break the limits"

1) How my nutrition influence my success?
2) What will happen with me if I will lose 1 day of trainings? ...


1) Balanced and natural sports nutrition.

It's no secret that athletes need more calories. Each day, the energy output of athletes is much higher than that of everyday people. During practices, games or an offseason workout, an athlete can burn anywhere from 800 to 1,500 calories, and if they are not replaced, the athlete's body will suffer.

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Athletes need better quality food than average people. Regardless of the food and no matter what the athlete is ingesting, it needs to hold nutritional value. If not, the body won't recover quickly and muscle synthesis could turn into degradation. As a general rule, stay away from self proclaimed "fitness foods" like energy drinks, "Paleo packs" and bars with chapter-long lists of ingredients.
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2) Regularity of sport trainings.

The importance of each thing from these 4, can not be distributed on places. 

As in any deal, the regularity of your training is equally proportional to your success. The more serious and clear your training graph, the more they are effective.

Respect the sport training graph.

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3) Sport style.

Of course, also very important sportswear and equipment. In addition to convenience during trainings, you influence your appearance and charisma on the public and other athletes. Therefore, we believe that sportswear should not only be comfortable, but also beautiful. See the collection of leggings.


4) Psychological and moral durability.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional sportsman or even an amateur, there will always be situations in which you can lose. At this point, it is very important to understand that this loss has given you a lot of experience and revealed your weaknesses, giving you the opportunity to improve your results and the more defeats, the stronger you become.
   Never give up - this is the universal key to the success.

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