5 morning exercises that will help you make a sexy body 10/10. In just 20 minutes daily.

1) First of all, after you woke up, you do not have to eat, all this 20 minutes course is specialy prepared to modelate your body. You can imagine this, like we are going to burn our fats and "make place" for future calories.

 After, we need to warm up the muscles in order to prepare them to next exercises, this is very important, because you prepare your body for physical exercises. You have to warm up well all muscles, arround 5 minutes.


2) Secondly, we are going to "modelate" our chest and hands. In dependence of your powers, you have to do 20-50 push-ups in 2 sets. Between this 2 sets, drink some water. So, 1 set we are going to do with large positionating of our hands and the second one with medium position of hands on the floor.


3) Next we are going to "give beautiful forms" for our back side and legs. For this, we are going to make 50-100 sit-ups, also in two sets. First set with large positionationg of our legs and the second set with medium positionating of our legs on the floor.

 Also, very important is to monitor our heartbeat and burned calories - in order to make diet for maximum effect of "making sexy shapes" for our body. Perfect for this tasks are our stylish, inteligent collection of inteligent watches - wristband, you can monitor, in real time, your heartbeat, burned calories, walked steps and even follow the quality of your sleep. Look now.


4) After our legs we are going to make a sexy and elastic tummy. To do this, do 30-60 repetitions. You can do this exercise in any way.


5) We finish our morning workout by stretching out all the muscles well, thereby we even more "prepare a place" for a beautiful distribution of calories. After that, it is very important, during 2 hours to eat, how to create a diet that will be ideal, you already know, make a diet based on calories burned.


6) Bonus. In order to get maximum effect, you have to do this 20 minutes trainings every morning. To be motivated, listen your favorite music during trainings.


 Follow this steps day by day and do your perfect body.


With love - StrikeMall.

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