Guarantee of authenticity:

 Guarantee of the authenticity or refund of the payment, including the cost of delivery.

1) Be sure that You have chosen a product where is provide an "Authenticity Guarantee".

2) If the product provided with this guarantee is a fake, You will receive a full refund, including shipping costs.


 Also we are very receptive and will solve Your problem. Important is to chat us and We will find the best solution for You!


With love, StrikeMall team.


Rule 1 

 If the product does not match the description and / or has defect, breakage, you can return all the money spent, or some of them, provided that You contact us and provide all the necessary evidence (photo and / or video). We, in turn, undertake to fully or partially reimburse your costs for the purchase of this good if You:

1) Did not receive the order in time.

2) Order is broken, torn or not usable.

3) The order does not match with the description.



 We also undertake, in case of a refund, to refund Your money on the day of the decision to return, then the processing process depends on the bank that You use (on average 14 days, depending on the country and the bank)


Rule 2 

 Evidence is valid and effective on the day / (up to 14 days, depending on the price of the goods and the method of shipment), after receiving the goods by the Buyer.


Sincerely, the administration of the online store