With the help of strikemall, people from all over the world will be able to place their goods, buy and sell them to the whole world, sending each order to the customers on their own.

   Imagine how many unique products each country can offer, for example, India with its beautiful silks, which have no analogues in the world, and guess how many Europeans and Americans would be willing to pay for their natural and exquisite Indian silks. Or the Japanese goods which are of exceptional quality and of unique design, and the European and American brands…

Global problems which strikemall.com solves:

  • Today, the majority of companies from all over the world are not selling their products worldwide on the Internet.

  • The language barriers - people find it difficult to start a global business, only knowing/using one language.

  • High prices for exclusive, high-quality, rare and unique products that explain the small offer.

  • The problem of choosing a marketplace. Strikemall.com offers the best conditions and the simplest ways to sell products worldwide compatible for  veryone.

  • The online market is full of Chinese products and have long been boring to everyone.

  • The problem of transporting wholesale batches of goods and limiting the Imports of certain goods.

The online sales’ potential: only 6.7% from website’s total turnover is by selling their goods online.

Strikemall.com' Solutions and Main Goals:

  • Help small and medium-sized businesses to sell their products worldwide. Simple as ABC. No stocks required.

  • Help brands develop, enter the world market, promote, advertise their prototypes and products.

  • Help individuals sell their local and unique products to the whole world. Handmade, arts and crafts, and so on…

  • Help customers to find unical, manual work, cultural values ​​of different countries, perfect for adherents of some specific cultures.

  • With StrikeMall, young/new companies will be able to promote and advertise their brand to the whole world or to specific countries.

  • With StrikeMall will be much easier for people to start their own business, because they do not need a huge amount of goods, do not need warehouses in order to test and start a business.

Strikemall.com's Business Model:

Strikemall.com's Main Features:

Finances in Time:

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