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Terms for Sellers: 

1) The product must be new.

2) The product must comply with European quality standards.

3) It is forbidden to exhibit non-original products.

4) Money received from Customers are kept in bank account, until the Customer confirms receipt of the goods and / or the Buyer Protection period expires (70 days). After this, if the Customer is satisfied (according to the "Terms and Conditions of use"), The seller get the money in his Seller Account in strikemall.

5) After the addition, the Seller's goods are moderated (up to 3 days), and if the product meets all the rules, it enters the store.

6) The commercial margin of the online store strikemall is 40% of the value of the goods, acting as the guarantor of a successful transaction, paying Partners -, all commissions related to refunds, acceptance of payments, etc.

7) Seller agrees with the order, rules and conditions of StrikeMall, which are here -

8) The Seller agrees with the return policy -  

9) All products added by Seller-Users to the store must be sent within 7 days from the receipt of the order. If the Customer does not receive his order through the fault of the Seller, in case of fraud or lie, the administration of the online store has the right to block the Seller's income from the sale of this "problem" or "not sent" goods and the Seller's account.

10) Prohibited for sale:

- Batteries and recheargeble batteries.
- Products destinated for alimentation.


If the goods are operated on batteries or rechargeable batteries, they must be removed from these products or protected from short circuit (if Seller can not remove them).

11) When the Seller wants to add special products that need licenses, certificates and other verified documents, the Seller must send all these licenses, certificates and other documents for verification to If everything is in order, and the goods have real and valid certificates and licenses, the product will be approved for sale on

12) By clicking on the button: "I agree" - the Seller signs under the above rules and agrees to be responsible for the violation of the rules.

Technical features:

1) When searching for goods by Customers, the goods with the highest valuations are displayed from the beginning, if in the category or in the search of the Client, the product does not have reviews, the goods will be shown in random order.

2) The Seller can add an unlimited number of products.

3) It is forbidden to re-add the same product.

4) It is forbidden to add the same goods from different accounts.

5) It is allowed to add up to 12 images per 1 product, at least 3 images.

6) Images must accurately and clearly correspond to the goods, otherwise the money will be returned to the Client.


Payment and terms of payment: 

In order to request payment, the Seller should indicate in the comments the payment method and requisites for making the payment. Payment is made within 5 - 7 banking days.


Available payment methods:

1) - indicate in the commentary your requisites!

2) Bank transfer - specify in the commentary your requisites!

Responsibility for violation of the rules.

1) In case of violation of one of the above rules, reserves the right to irrevocably cancel the earnings of the Seller, to remove his account and goods.


Why StrikeMall? 

1. Unlimited sales opportunities around the world.

2. Orientation to the European and American markets.

3. Best customer support in 5 languages, Client-oriented.

4. Fast and regular payments to Sellers and Partners.

5. The best 2-level affiliate program.

6. Latest technologies of marketing and promotion on the Internet.


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