The Affiliate Program:


The Affiliate Program of is a 2-level reward system of partners.


 The first level of the Affiliate Program enables Partners to earn 10% from each registered Customer. If a potential Customer registers through your link, You will receive 10% of the value purchased. There are no restrictions on the number of clients or any rewards cap available to Partners.


 The second level of Partners' earnings is 10% of the revenue generated by the Partners you attract. If a Partner registers with your referral link, his terms are absolutely identical to Yours, and you will receive 10% of the value of his earnings.


Terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program:


 Types of traffic:


All methods and techniques of attracting Clients and Partners, within the laws, are allowed.


Exceptions are: 

1) Cash-back services.

Payouts timeline:

Payments are made every 1st day of each month. The minimum amount of payments is $ 10. 

Affiliate reward is registered when the Client got the parcel, from 3-60 days maximum.

*(Commission for transaction is collected on Your part.)

How to become an affiliate? Too easy! You have just to register on the site and press "Participate in affiliate programm" from Your account.

1) Login or register on the site.

2) Create an account or enter in existing account.

3) Welcome to StrikeMall affiliate program!

If the conditions of using our affiliate program was not respected, we have the right to delete all your earned money.

Where can I find my affiliate links?

1) In Your account.

2) Under each product.

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